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What's go great about FamGlam and what differentiates us from other clothing manufacturers? FamGlam (FGL) is the most progressive clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh. We focus on steady growth and are well established amongst buyers based all over the globe.

FGL may not own factories, but we strive as an agent company (buying house). Our strength comes from our long-term partnership with other compliance factories. We focus great effort in bringing about the improvement of our garments industry.

Our approach to customers is all about keeping their interest in mind. Most apparel manufacturers focus on delivering huge quantities and forget about quality. We emphasize quality over quantity with top-notch working conditions and technology.

FGL not only helps customers by implementing their ideas. But also provides detailed research and analysis reports on current fashion trends.

We are offering ODM and OEM services for all types of markets. Our collections include a variety of choices for men, women, and children. At FGL; design, qualit, and sustainability are not an issue in relation to price. We are always offering inspiring fashion at a reasonable price.

More About FamGlam

FGL isn't just another one of the countless clothing manufacturers in operation. We are an established business with the intention of developing a global network. Thus helping us to stay close to all our target markets. What truly sets us apart from the rest is the basic fact that we pay ample attention to the needs of our target market. For this reason, we plan to extend our services in the long term, thereby reaching out to a larger target market.

We strive to grow even more as an apparel manufacturer. Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with prospective buyers. For this, we only deliver the best to gain trust in their respective markets. What can potential buyers expect from us? Quality apparels that are sure to be a hit in the international market!

Fashion design approach of FGL

We specialize in trending fashion, the work of our talented team of designers dominates the markets of today. We have hired fashion designers with ample amounts of experience from various countries. Only natives can realize the designs that are perfect for their respective countries.

The process of understanding foreign market trends is thus easy for us. Our virtual fashion designers help our in-house designers to produce trendy and fashionable apparels. Then our in-house team performs all necessary customization that our customers need.

Quality assurance

At FGL, we produce garments as per client requirements, season and current demands. As experienced clothing manufacturers we focus on delivering quality over quantity. Thus, allowing us to guarantee client satisfaction. No matter how big an order it is that you place with us, rest assured that we will deliver impeccable results.

We adore our dedicated quality assurance team. They are the major reason why clients turn to us for all their clothing manufacturing needs. This specialized team exists only to keep our customers happy. It is so a must to ensure the quality of our production.

Our quality assurance program has developed nine step quality-checking procedures. We thus make sure that our customers receive garments that will leave them 100% satisfied.

On time delivery

All thanks goes to our coworkers! Our business is expanding rapidly with one wish and commitment in mind. We make sure that all our orders meet the highest standards and are delivered on time. This dedication has helped us maintain our reputation of delivering quality products within due time. No matter how big or small the project, we have always upheld our promise to customers.

To ensure timely delivery, we use a highly effective project management system. This system allows us to invite all our managers and assign them tasks to do within a given time frame. The system also plays a significant role in helping our managers stay in touch with our clients.

With the use of this software, we are able to share our problems, ideas, solutions, and decisions on the go. The best part is that the system is extremely user-friendly and so easy to use. Hence, is the reason why we are able to complete projects before the deadline. Plus, we make sure that our clients are happy with what they get.

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