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About FGL-

Business Concept

About FGL- Business Concept

The core business concept at Fam Glam Ltd. is that of keeping customer coming back by delivering the maximum quality products to them. In our view, "quality" means customers should keep coming back, for which reason, it is vital that we continue to provide them with a garment that is of the best quality. Most importantly, all of this has literally become a habit of ours – not an act that we put up just to lure them to us!

Target customers, We surveyed the market and noticed that a majority of beginner buyers (Retailer, Wholesaler, Importer) are afraid to produce products of their own brand. This is because there is an undying need for them to keep in touch with new trends and upcoming fashion, and they will also face the stress of maintaining quality, while ensuring timely delivery. Although having to work with a middleman helps them save up on a significant amount of money, there is no way for them to feel safe, because every transaction is insecure.
Luckily, they are our target customers, and we at Fam Glam Ltd. conducted extensive research over their risk factors, and took all kinds of actions to make them feel secure, while guaranteeing their success. So no intermediary just buyer and factory.

Our offers , At Fam Glam Ltd., we provide our target market and buyers with the ability to check our latest, most trendiest upcoming fashion cloths. After this, they will be in a better position to choose the ones they like best. Upon receiving a sample from us, the only thing that you need to do is approve the order, and the production procedure will start at our manufacturing factory. Making this decision is typically a piece of cake for our buyers considering that our fashion designers put in the best of their abilities to come up with truly unique and exclusive garments for them.
Moreover, any potential buyers who already have their garments designed are more than welcome to take on our OEM services. We are a truly dedicated service provider and are willing to help our buyers in all the best possible means.

How can we help our buyers to succeed?, After our survey, we got to learn all about our customers' risk factors and what they are looking for. Although it is a rather extensive list, it but can be divided in to the following core factors:

Tangible Risk Factors:
1. New trend and upcoming fashion
2. Quality and costing
3. Time and schedule
4. Payment and security

Intangible Risk Factors:
1. Environmental or natural risks
2. Political
3. Socio-Cultural
4. Economical

New trend and upcoming fashion, our team of talented fashion designers can easily release their worries with regards to trends and upcoming fashion. We have hired a virtual fashion design team from our target countries, because we believe only natives can realize what sorts of designs are perfect for their respective country. Our virtual fashion design team helps our in-house designers to produce new trendy fashion cloths and our in-house team performs any customizations that our customers require. Therefore, we can assure our buyers that our cloths are trendy, fashionable and do not infringe any copyrights.

Quality and costing, Producing top quality garments is our habit. Back in the year 2012, we developed our quality assurance program, which was adequately assigned to some of our high profile and experienced quality managers and quality controllers and then we selected a compliance factory where AQL is 2.5. Then we develop nine steps quality-checking procedures, five steps in production and four steps in finishing. Those are following.

Sewing Section:
1. Inline inspection (by QI, QC)
2. Roaming inspection (by QI, QC)
3. Traffic light inspection (by QI, QC)
4. End of line inspection (by QI, QC)
5. Audit of the checked pieces (by FGL QM, QC)

Finishing Section:
1. Initial finishing inspection (by QI)
2. Final finishing Inspection (by QI, QC)
3. Internal final audit (by factory QM, QC and Management)
4. Final audit (by FGL QM, QC and Management)

Those above procedures for production but quality control program effective from yarn then knitting, dyeing, lab testing (fabric and accessories) to cutting.
More details about our "Quality Control Procedure".

With that, we provided our buyers with the potential to ensure intense high quality of each and every product that we have to offer. We developed our HR policy as a means of ensuring our team success, and that of the reliability of our products. In order to keep our team motivated towards work, we also pay them substantial remuneration and developed a success reward policy and losing penalty policy. All of these actions have particularly been taken by us at Fam Glam Ltd. to make sure that our customers reach the heights of success through our products.

Time and schedule, for customers, a major risk factor is that of ensuring timely deliveries. To us, ensuring timely delivery is highly dependent over adequate planning. Yes, having the right project plan is more important than any other activities and actions in this regard. For this reason, we have taken on the services of a highly experienced project planer to complete projects and deliver them in a timely manner. Apart from that, they are also responsible for monitoring all the activities and actions of a particular project, but in this case, they can easily make use of our outstanding quality project management system.
Through it, tasks are assigned to our co-workers right at the beginning of the project on our project management system. We share our problems, ideas and solutions on it to guarantee the delivery of apparel that meet and even exceed the expectations of our clients. This makes it possible for our employees to know exactly what needs to be done and how. The most interesting part is that we also invite our customers on to the system, so they can also keep in touch and give us feedback over it.

Intangible Risk Factors, that deem it just about impossible at times to ensure the safety of our customers. The factors that are not in our control are inclusive of:

1. Environmental or natural risks
2. Political
3. Socio-Cultural
4. Economical

But the good news is that in order to deal with these issues, we have developed an intangible risk management guide that entails several actions for the management of intangible risk factors. This includes:

1. Research and planning
2. Support and policies

This is our support and polices that can assure our customers 100% secure. We developed refund policy, exchange policy and after sales support. Incase, the intangible risk happened with us we are liable to refund the money and others support that customer's needs.

Although taking these steps and developing these action plans did not come easy in the beginning, our hard work and dedication got us through it all to become one of the fastest growing apparel manufacturers in the Bangladesh.