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About FGL-

Why choose us

About FGL- Why choose us

Trendy and excusive fashion collections
We have an exclusive fashion collection for 2017 and 2018 targeting USA and Europe market. This particular collection of ours is most important for and focused on small and mid-level buyers, and will also be helpful for our buyers to save their time, money and energy. Moreover, these are trendy, highly exclusive and more and more saleable. Most importantly, our collections are truly unique, therefore our buyers are guaranteed to remain safe from any kinds of copyright or legal law.

Highest quality assurance procedures
We feel extremely proud and lucky for gaining a good habit of producing highest quality products. Our collections are proof of our quality. With time, we have gained the experience of producing exclusive fashion cloths that most of the supplier cannot do. Most of the suppliers around these days are afraid to produce excusive fashion cloths, but fortunately, we love to do only exclusive fashion cloths with highest quality. We are assuaging our buyers to the highest quality and we will continue to do so forever. For more information about our quality, please check our quality assurance procedures

Offering sample for "sales men sample program"
A sales men program is most effective for wholesalers. Therefore, we offer samples of all our collections to prospective wholesale buyers for their sales men program. We are also willing to make sample for them with their own collection. We have a dedicated fashion design team, merchandising team and sample making house to produce sample, which guarantees our efficiency. We believe this is an effective support for our buyer.

On time delivery procedures
A majority of cloths sales depend on sessions. Therefore, the acquisition of timely deliveries matters a lot to all buyers. To achieve our vision, we are very sensitive about ensuring timely deliveries. We faced quite a few problems at the beginning and honestly, we could not make 2-3 shipment at on time. Then, we developed our timely delivery procedure after realizing that in the end, it all came down to having a good plan. The plan that we developed was not perfect in the beginning. For this reason, we took on the services of a few experienced planners and started to use an efficient project management system. Then after a few months, we noticed a big difference between our previous work strategies and new work strategies. Now, we have literally become used to making timely deliveries and we invite our buyers on our project management system so they can monitor their project as well.

Competitive Price
We 100% guarantee competitive pricing. With that, we continue to encourage our buyers to acquire quotations from others suppliers too, and then compare our quality and price before hiring us. We do this not just as a means of growing our business, but as part of our ethical behavior too. Not all of our suppliers offer competitive prices, and this at times angered us. We should not do the same thing with our buyers. Therefore, we never, ever asked for incompetitive prices from our clients. In our business policy, we focused on more about quantity and quality rather than profit margin. Considering that we have not kept much of a profit margin, we have acquired the potential to offer competitive prices to our buyers.

Interested to invest with our prospective buyers
To grow our business, we believe in investing money in the foreign market is most important. Not only is it helpful for our buyers, it is beneficial for our buyers as well and it is for this reason that we developed our expansion and investment policy. We are interested to invest 0.10 -1million dollar. We have already invested 0.5 million dollars with Doodle London, a London based fashion wholesaler, and have yield success as well. After putting our investment through the test, we are now highly dedicated to invest more money with some prospected wholesale buyers.