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Your Guide to Choosing a Clothing Manufacturer

how to choose a clothing manufacturer

Choosing the right clothing manufacturer can be troublesome. You can almost compare it to finding a needle in a haystack. Well, that all depends on your situation and what you actually need.

Before choosing a clothing manufacturer, you should list down your requirements and budget first. The next step would be to open up a search engine like Google and type in your query depending on your situation.

Another option would be to open up networks where you'll find an abundant list of clothing manufacturers and their wholesale collections. You can always try Alibaba or similar sites where the best of manufacturers await. It'll be like exploring shops to find exactly what you're looking for.

Then again, you still don't know which clothing manufacturer will be best suited to accomplish your list of requirements. Thus, we've gone through the extreme to provide you with the 4 things to consider before choosing a clothing manufacturer.

Consider these points before choosing an apparel manufacturer

1.Barriers to Communication

The first and most important consideration is whether or not your "to be chosen" clothing manufacturer understands your order and to what extent. There should be no barriers to communication and everything should be as concise as possible. You wouldn't want your order to go completely wrong due to miscommunication.


Try to figure out how committed your "to be chosen" clothing manufacturer is. You can do this simply by testing them a little. You could try asking your manufacturer to submit a proposal and set a certain deadline for it, then determine his level of commitment through his submission time. If you've got another great idea, try it out.

3.Sample Confirmation

Before diving into placing an order for hundreds or even thousands of pieces, you must request for a sample first. This way you'll be more convinced on receiving the clothing stock you requested for. In most cases, you'll definitely want edits made to your first sample. So make sure you get the perfect sample suited to your ideal and descriptions sent to your clothing manufacturer.

4.Liability Protection

Make sure your clothing manufacturer is legally responsible for all damaged products. Also, match your confirmed sample to each and every piece shipped to you. Have legal documents pre-made that are inclusive of terms for refund or exchange in case your final product does not match your confirmed sample. In general, ready legal documents to ensure your protection against the mistakes of your clothing manufacturer.

List of Questions you could ask your Clothing Manufacturer (before closing the deal)

  • how many customers have you worked with?
  • how many ongoing projects are you currently handling?
  • what is the minimum quantity you can supply per month?
  • how long will it take you to ready and ship my order?
  • what types of clothing do you specialize in?
  • which brands have you worked with so far?
  • what other services do you provide?
  • if my business were to grow suddenly, will you be able to handle it?

Depending on how that clothing manufacturer answered your questions, you can then decide upon moving forward with your order.

The Final Steps to Choosing a Clothing Manufacturer

Defining what you want

Send your clothing manufacturer drawing illustrations, concise details, and even a sample if you have. The next step would be to request their sample of your ideal product. Once you've received your ideal first sample, you can head on to the next step.

Discussing the price and terms of payment

Your clothing manufacturer should provide an affordable rate, one that you can surely profit from. If you're ok with the pricing then go ahead and make an agreement of the terms of payment.

Addressing the deadline for shipments

Make sure you're able to clarify exactly when you'll be needing the products. Your clothing manufacturer should be committed to meeting the deadline of your order. You ought to include the deadlines of your orders in your contract, this may just increase your chances of getting your stock when required.

Terms of agreement

Your terms of the agreement should include a section on liability protection. This will ensure that you are protected against damaged goods or products that are different from your confirmed sample. Make sure to read your contract thoroughly and once you're ok with the terms, move on to closing the deal.

If this article has helped you make a better decision or you'd like to add a few more points, then we'd love to hear from you. You can also put this guide to use by hitting this clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh.